Life is fragile. Handle with prayer!




Robert F. Dotson  © 2015


If we don't practice intercessory prayer,

And from our store house gladly share,

To prove to the world we really care,

Who will?


Though we may be going through our own trial,

If we don't give to our neighbor a smile,

While "going the extra mile,"

Who will?


As Christians and recipients of the Second Birth,

We represent the interests of God on this earth!

If we don't appreciate a lost soul's worth,

Who will?


Friend, lost souls are at stake.

If we do not a difference make,

And win them for Heaven's sake,

Who will?


Friends and loved ones day by day,

Are turning their backs on the Narrow Way.

If we don't warn them not to stray,

Who will?




In the distance I can clearly hear,

The sound of marching feet.

And as they steadily draw near,

My heart skips a beat.

For years I've faithfully served the Lord.

I've tried to do His will.

And though martyrdom be my reward,

I shall follow still!

I hear the jailer turn his key.

I see a ray of light.

Oh, God they've finally come for me,

And the flame will be my plight.

From the stocks they loose,

 My hands and feet.

They curse me one and all.

I'm weak from lack of food to eat.

So to the ground I fall.

They roughly bind my hands so tight.

This time they use a rope.

To them I'm just a despicable sight.

But, in God I've put my hope!

Next they place me on a horse.

I know well the road we'll take.

T'he crowd awaits me there of course,

All gathered around the stake.

When we arrive at the scene,

T'hey are so mean.

A voice is crying loud.

As they quicken my pace,

I can see the face,

Of my darling in the crowd.

              She's filled with fright.

                 Her face is white.

She cries, "Please, let him go."

They pretend not to hear,

They only sneer.

The answer we all know.

To me they say,

"You can recant today."

And the crowd grows deathly still!

          "Stop this foolish game."

       "Blaspheme Christ's name."

          But I shout, "I never will!"

       This statement seals my fate.

           So they no longer wait.

            To tie me to the stake.

Then, they light the fire,

The flames dance higher,

And that's the last sound I will make.

But, God knows His own!

And as I appear before His throne,

Jesus stretches forth His hand!

He says, "My son,"

"It was a job well done!"

"Welcome to Beaulah Land!"


By Robert F. Dotson © 2015


I've noticed of late,

My steps are getting slow.

I've lost my natural gait,

My "get up and go."

My knees won't hardly bend,

And my back is getting weak.

Often I don't recognize a friend,

Until they start to speak.

My mind is not as keen,

As its always been.

Friend you'll know what I mean,

When you pass three score and ten.

I can't sleep at night.

So, I doze during the day.

It just doesn't seem right,

That I would feel this way.

Life has been an uphill climb.

But, soon my journey will be o'er!

For in just a matter of time,

I'll leave for Heaven's shore!

There my youth I shall regain,

In a body pure and whole!

There will be nor more pain!

Bless the Lord, oh my soul!


              ========================================================   THE LOVE OF A CHILD
By Robert F. Dotson ©2015

I sincerely believe,

In this whole world around,

The laughter of a child,

Is life's most pleasant sound!

And it surely is a mystery,

In God's master plan,

How tiny hands can grip the heart,

Of the world's meanest man.

The love of a child,

Is a balm to one's soul!

To gain their respect,

Is a most worthy goal!

These nuggets of wisdom,

I've garnered first hand.

Now I'm the happiest Grandpa,

In all of the land!





At the day's start,

A work of art,

Greets my eager eyes,

As the morning sun,

Begins its daily run,

A veritable journey through the skies!

Shades of orange, red, and gray,

Are the sky's colors for the day,

No matter what the color of the ground!

It is so peaceful and serene!

A more beautiful scene,

I don't believe could ever be found!

Then, at day's end,

Once more, my Friend,

God's handiwork catches one's eye,

As shades of purple, gray, and red,

Appear overhead,

In the Western sky!

As I watch the beautiful sunset,

I am reminded yet,

That God made the universe with His own hands!

But, why each and every day,

He puts it on display,

Not even the wisest among us understands!

By Robert F Dotson © 2015






Robert F. Dotson © 2015


"Just plant me here in the place of my birth,"

Said the old time preacher man.

"Let my body slowly rejoin the earth."

"It is God's unique recycling plan!"

"But, know ye that when all is said and done,"

"My soul will have taken it's flight,"

"And I'll be rejoicing with God's Son,"

"In the beautiful city of light!"

"You see, I'm the child of a Heavenly King,"

"Having been adopted through God's grace!"

"I'm going where heavenly angels sing,"

"In that wonderful, marvelous place!"

"Ah, what's that sounding on my ear?"

"Voices fill the heavenly dome!"

"I know for certain I can hear,"

"Angels singing, "Welcome home!"

"So, my friend don't weep for me."

"Just remember where I have gone!"

"That celestial city you too shall see,"

"If you will continue to journey on!"








                                Robert F. Dotson © 2015


Only once will I pass this way.

So, the things I do and the words I say,

Must be seasoned with God's unconditional love!

I'm not my own, you see.

A dying Saviour purchased me,

As He hung between earth and Heaven above!

Do you wonder why I love Him so?

Well Friend, you have a right to know.

It's because He loved me,

When I was yet in my sin!

Although I had cursed His holy name,

To my heart's door He lovingly came.

Then, when He knocked I let Him in!

Now I walk the narrow way,

Protected both night and day,

And guarded by His watchful eye!

Yes, I may have many trials,

And often I must go “the extra miles,”


But, God gives peace that money cannot buy!




By Robert F. Dotson © 2015


"A friend loveth at all times!"

Oh, what a beautiful thought'

A friendship is "cultivated,

" But never, ever bought!

A friend is one who'll stand by you,

Even when clouds are dark and gray,

And be at your "beckon call,"

No matter what hour of the day!

A friend will lend a "listening" ear,

To a problem great or small,

And never tell what you've told them,

No matter "who" comes to call!

A friend will visit when you've missed church,

Or send a card your way!

They'll kneel before our God above,

And call out your name when they pray!

A friend will know when to come around,

When you're down and feeling blue,

And have the very words to say,

That God has sent to you!

A friendship doesn't have to cease,

When someone moves out of state!

You can spend some vacation time with them.

The fellowship is great!

Take in a couple of camp meetings,

And then visit one of God's creations!

Spend some "prayer time" together,

And strengthen those friendly relations!

The scripture plainly tells us if we want friends,

We must friendly be!

Friendships started down here on earth,

Can last eternally!

When a friend dies you love them still,

Although you're far apart!

Their memory and your love for them,

Remains inside your heart!

Although you may have many friends,

Another can't take their place,

And there is a longing in your heart,

To once more see their face!

There are friendships natural,

And also friendships divine!

Yes, some friends are so close,

That their very hearts entwine!

How wonderful it is for a man and his wife

To be joined together and remain good friends for life!

And yet, a greater friendship,

Is one with Jesus our Lord,

When we find sweet communion,

  Together in one accord!

A friendship with Jesus,

Is far above any other!

Scripture says that He's a "Friend,"

"That sticketh closer than a brother!"

He was our great example of friendship,

To the very end!

For greater love could no man have,

Than to lay down his life for his friends!





Lord, just to be,

Close to Thee,

Is my soul's desire!

Along the road,

Toward Heaven's abode,

I long to climb up higher!


Though for miles,

Troubles and trials,

May try to block my view,

Your hand I'll grip,

And I'll not slip,

For I've put my trust in You!


When I'm tried,

You're by my side,

Giving the strength I need!

Day or night,

All is right,

If I'll just let you lead!


Sweet Heaven awaits,

With it's pearly gates,

In welcome swung open wide!

So, at my journey's end,

With Jesus, my Friend,

I shall joyfully step inside!

Robert F. Dotson © 2015














By Robert F. Dotson © 2015




 When I rise each morning I'm prompted to say,


"I thank Thee, Lord for this another day!"


"I don't know what's going to happen it's true.


"But, I've always been able to rely on you!"


Each day may bring either heartache or joy sublime,


But I've learned to live one day at a time!


Lord, I've had both kinds of days up 'til now!


Yet, with your help we've made it somehow!


You see, I have the same amount of time every day,


Twenty four hours, it's always been that way!


So I must use my time wisely and I'll be effective too,


If I always strive to do my best for You!


This day may very well come to an end,


With stinging words from a once close friend.


But, I'll face that situation knowing it's true,


Lord, nobody understands me like you do!


During this day may I bring a little joy,


To some man, woman, girl, or boy!


This day may bring storm cloudsand rain,


And my body may be wracked with fever and pain.


But, help me Lord to understand,


That this day too is held in Your hand!


Ah, but this day I could very well be on a mountain high,


With a joyful heart that seems to fly!


All worry and care will be left behind,


As through God's grace new strength I find!


Yes, I may be happy or sad, but either way,


Lord, help me to be thankful for this day!






       As I stand atop the mountain overlooking the sea,


I view the beauty below me!


Beautiful flowers growing at my feet,


Send up a fragrance so delicately sweet!


A choir of birds with melodious voice,


Seem to say to me, "Rejoice!" "Rejoice!"


 My heart feels a peace it has seldom known,


For all traces of doubt and fear have flown!


I feel so rested and worry free,


That I wonder if this is really happening to me!


As my lungs capture the mountain air,


I breathe to God this humble prayer!


 Dear Lord, you've brought me a mighty long way,


From the place I was to where I am today!


I thank you for the Holy Ghost You've placed inside,


Who makes all the anxious feelings subside!


I thank you, Lord for the many ways,


You have helped me through my most difficult days!


That valley was about to get the best of me.


The light at the end of the tunnel was hard to see!


My cheery smile was replaced by a frown,


For I had let the problems of life get me down.


But though I worried, fretted and cried,


You never even once left my side!


Lord, I didn't always understand,


You were waiting to help me with an outstretched hand!


Sometimes I feel I've had more trouble than my share,


But, You always know how much each soul can bear,


And with each trial that takes shape,


You always provide a means of escape!


Lord, when it comes my time to go,


Back to be tried in the valley below,


             Help me to hold my head up high,


Knowing You always oversee me with Your watchful eye!







Upon Jordan’s banks I stand,

Looking out over it’s rolling tide.

Then, with Jesus firmly holding my hand,

We cross over to the other side!

Ah, when we reach that beautiful shore,

And I inhale the heavenly air,

I feel better than I’ve ever felt before!

So, I breathe a thankful prayer!

I see majestic jasper walls,

Towering over streets of purest gold!

‘Tis a city where we never shall die,

In a land where we’ll not even grow old!

I greet loved ones and saints of yore!

They’ve been waiting to shake my hand!

We’ll never be parted any more!

No sad goodbyes are said in that land!

I view sights my mind could only imagine before! 

Ah, my wandering days are past!

You see, I just entered my mansion door!

Thank God, I'm home at last!

Robert F. Dotson © 2015 










 Winds of change may briskly blow.

“Fair weather friends” may come and go.

But, this one thing I surely know,

God’s love for me will never change!

My own kin may treat me with disdain,

And often I smile to mask the pain.

But, my soul still sings this sweet refrain,

“God’s love for me will never change!”

My body is often wracked with pain,

And I struggle my strength to regain.

I long for sunshine and God sends rain.

Yet, His love for me will never change!

I’m getting old and past my prime,

And I’ve reached another place in time,

Where life’s mountains seem so hard to climb.

But, God’s love for me will never change!

Some day I’ll leave this world behind.

But, Friend I’m certain I won’t mind,

For throughout eternity I’ll find,

God’s love for me will never change!



By Robert F. Dotson © 2015





By Robert F. Dotson © 2015


 The portion of father’s goods,

That fell to me,

I took from his hand,

As my heart fluttered with glee!

I barely said,

A swift goodbye,

As I left his presence,

With my head held high.

I had obeyed his commands,

For much too long.

Now all I had on my mind,

Was wine, women, and song!

When I had bidden farewell,

To my mother earlier in the day,

Her face showed much pain,

And she had little to say.

But, she held me close to her,

As her eyes filled with tears.

That tender scene, my Friend,

Will haunt me for years.

Well, as long as I had money,

I was never without a friend.

But, once I’d wasted it all,

Our friendship came to an end.

Now I’m feeding hogs,

And it’s a disgraceful chore.

I sure don’t remember,

Ever being this hungry before.

Even the husks from the corn,

Look appealing to me.

A way out of this mess,

I certainly can’t see.

 The stench from the hog pen,

Is making me feel sick.

One thing for sure,

I must do something quick.

I wasn’t meant to be a hog farmer,

This I surely know.

So, with my last bit of strength,

To my father I will go.

Father, I have sinned,”

To him I will say,

I’ll do all I can,”

My debt to repay.”

I’ve put my foolish pride,”

Up on a shelf.”

For back there in that hog pen,”

I finally came to myself.”

I’ll say, “Let me be your servant.”

I’m not worthy to be your son.”

I want to make amends,”

For the terrible things I’ve done.”

Ah, but my father is hugging and kissing me.

It is such a touching sight,

As he readily assures me,

That everything is all right!

Now I’m rejoicing!

I’m back where I belong!

I’ve peace in my soul,

And in my heart is a song!

As I see the welcoming smile,

On my father’s face,

I have finally learned,

The meaning of grace!






By Robert F. Dotson  © 2014


 Young David knew that Goliath was too much for him!'

His chances for survival were naturally slim!

But, David's faith in God helped him win the fight,

And God gave "little David!' a song in the night!

Daniel was thrown in the lion's den,

Because he feared God more than the laws of men!

Our God locked the lion's jaws up "real tight,"

And gave Brother Daniel "a song in the night!'

Jesus came, to save us all from our sin!

He was born in a stable. There was no room in the inn!

Shepherds were guided by a star's shining light,

And God gave His holy angels "a song in the night!"

As our Lord and His disciples the '"Last Supper " ate,

He explained to them again that the cross would be his fate!

Then the "One who knew no sin and had always done right,"

Led His eleven disciples in "a song in the night!'

Paul and Silas were thrown in jail,,

For serving a God "Who cannot fail!"

The doors burst open! It was a miraculous sight

After God gave Paul and Silas "a song in the night!"

Friend, I have found when nothing is going right,

At the "end of the tunnel" there appears a light!

Oh yes, it is always a welcome sight,

As my God gives me, a "song in the night!"

When it seems that this old world is closing in,

And there's an easily detectable stench of sin,

When I think nobody really cares about my plight,

Then, again God gives me "a song in the night!"

When there is trouble all around,

And I struggle to find some solid ground,

It seems that I'm going to lose the fight,

Once more God gives me, "a song in the night!"

Quite often tired and weary I grow,

And it seems that I cannot farther go!

But, in my weakness God shows His might,

And gives to me "a song in the night! "





If I was still a boy,

I could thoroughly enjoy,

This beautiful afternoon,

When a tiny songbird,

Can be clearly heard,

Whistling his merry tune!

Yes, on this gorgeous day,

I could go out and play,

In the clover knee high,

Or just lie still,

On the crest of a hill,

And gaze at God's clear blue sky!

With my trusty dog by my side,

From the world I would hide,

Near an old abandoned sawmill!

Then, when night time came along,

I would treasure the song,

Of a lonesome whippoorwill!

Far away from trucks and cars,

I could sleep beneath the stars,

Like my ancestors in olden days!

Ah, but I know quite well,

It might take me a spell,

To drop these city ways!

Robert F. Dotson © 2014




 Robert F. Dotson  © 2014


When trials like mountains,

Before me rise,

 And dark clouds threaten,

To fill the skies,

I just look through tear-stained eyes,

And talk to God! 

When things in life,

Seem to "get out of hand,"

And nothing goes the way I planned,

I know He will help me understand,

If I talk to God!

Often times when my days,

Are filled with pain,

And being human,

I'm tempted to complain,

I know it would only be in vain.

So, I talk to God!

If old friends,

Who I've known for many a day,

Should turn their backs,

And go their own way,

I've learned by experience,

It will always pay,

To talk to God!

I can talk to my Father,

Morning, noon, or night!

I know he understands my plight.

He will make things turn out right,

If I talk to God!

Quite often I talk to God,

When things are just fine!

His presence lifts this soul of mine!

On spiritual manna I can dine,

As I talk to God!





 Robert F. Dotson  © 2014


Peter stood warming his hands by the fire,

And as the flames danced higher and higher,

His mind went back to another day,

When Jesus had first passed by his way!


You see, Peter, Andrew,

James and John, all four,

Were plying their trade as fishermen,

Off Galilee's shore!

Then, Jesus came by,

And set their hearts aflame,

And from that very day,

They were never the same!


They were present when Jesus healed the sick,

When He raised the dead,

And when He fed the multitude,

With five fishes and two loaves of bread!

They saw Him perform many such miracles,

In three and a half years,

And He was always there to encourage them,

And calm all their fears!


But, Jesus kept talking about being crucified.

So, Peter rebuked Jesus after taking Him aside!

However, when Jesus recognized,

Someone Peter couldn't see,

With authority He said,

"Satan, get thee behind Me!"


Before going to Gethsemane,

Jesus gave Peter this advice,

"Before the cock crows twice,"

"Thou shall deny me thrice!"

       Later Jesus was betrayed by Judas,

One of His own.

He stood before Caiphas, the high priest,

Forsaken and alone!


As Peter was standing by the fire,

A maid said, "I know thee!"

"Thou also was with Jesus of Galilee!"

Peter was quick her statement to deny.

But, then another young maid came by!


She too recognized Peter,

In just a short time span!

However, Peter declared,

"I know not the man!"

Then, some folks nearby said,

"It's plain to see,"

"You're one of them,"

"For thy speech betrayeth thee!"


In response to their statement,

Peter began to swear,

Saying, "I know not the man,"

To those standing there!

But, his heart quickly melted,

Like thawing ice,

As he recalled the words,

"Thou shall deny Me thrice!"


Peter began weeping bitterly,

And swiftly went,

To find a place,

So he could repent!

And there's good news Friend!

All was not lost!

For Peter was "the Featured preacher,"

On the Day of Pentecost!








At the sound of Fred's knock Mr. Green stirred,

And smiled knowing his new friend had kept his word!

He slowly walked across the floor,

And with much difficulty opened the front door!

As the door swung open and the young man came in,

Mr. Green was impressed with Fred's big old grin!

They had only met a couple of days before,

In the little town at the general store!

But, they "lit into talkin'" to one another,

Like each had found his "long lost brother!"

They discussed the weather and places they had been,

And Mr. Green talked about "way back when!"

It was plain to see they "hit it off well,"

As they took turns in the stories they would tell!

As it always does the time went by so fast,

Before they hardly knew it the hours had passed!

They talked about folks they had known,

And things they had done before they were grown!

Because they both were pleased to find a new friend,

They were sad to see the afternoon end!

So, they made a joint decision to meet once more,

At Mr. Green's home that Wednesday at Four!

"It's good to see you!" Mr. Green excitedly said,

As he opened the door for his new friend, Fred.

You see, Mr. Green had experienced many a lonely day,

Since Jenny, his wife of many years had passed away!

After her death he chose to be on his own,

But it had become increasingly hard to live alone!

Mr. Green said, "Come on in, Fred and have a seat!"

"I'm warmin' up some soup for us to eat!"

"You don't have to do that," replied Fred.

"It will be my pleasure, Son," the old man said.

So, as they both sat down Mr. Green bowed his head,

And his new friend listened as these words he said,

"Dear Lord, I thank Thee for this beautiful day,"

"And for blessings You've bestowed along Life's way!"

"Please bless this portion of our daily bread,"

"And thank You, Lord for my new friend Fred!"

When they started talkin' again Fred was to find,

That today there was a new subject on Mr. Green's mind!

He said, "Fred, let me tell you about my lifelong friend!"

"He's been One on whom I could always depend!"

"I was in bondage to sin once, you see!"

"But Jesus came along and set me free!"

"Our friendship has always been my source of real joy!"

"I would love to introduce you to Him my boy!"

From this simple illustration "the road was paved,"

For Mr. Green to explain to Fred how to be saved!

Then, to their knees the two friends went,

And Fred proceeded to repent!

After they had prayed together for awhile,

Fred got up with a glowing smile!

His search for real joy had come to an end,

Thanks to the guidance of Mr. Green, his friend!

 Robert F. Dotson  © 2014




 Robert F. Dotson  © 2014

I was traveling down a lonely road.
There was no hope in sight.
I was reaping the seeds I’d sowed,
While approaching the dark of night.

My friends had turned their backs on me.
I was nearing despair.
With tears in my eyes,
I could not see,
My Saviour standing there.

But, with outstretched arms,
He spoke my name,
And called me to His side
Now my life is not the same,
For in His love I abide

The lonely road that I once trod,
I don’t travel any more.
The road I’m on now,
Leads to God,
On Heaven’s happy shore!






Robert F. Dotson © 2014



Some folks search for worldly fame.


Their wanderings never cease.


They have tried it all,


But, they can't recall,


Even one moment of inner peace




But, I've found a place of quiet rest,


Far from toil and strife,


Where no angry billows ever crest,


Upon the sea of life!




In the cleft of the rock,


Is my hiding place!


There I have no cause to fear!


Sorrows are gone without a trace,


As God wipes away each tear!




Ah, when lifes storms are raging high,


And the ground is shaking 'neath my feet,


I can feel my Saviour drawing nigh!


His presence is so sweet!






The moment the church bells,

Stopped ringing,

The little choir would start singing,

"Rock of Ages cleft for me!"

Then, as the congregation,

Lifted their voices in prayer,

Lovely organ music would fill the air,

With a beautiful rendition,

Of "Nearer My God To Thee!"

Mothers and fathers with kids in tow,

Sometimes six or eight in a row,

Filled each and every family pew!

The church and the school,

Taught the Golden Rule,

"Do unto others as you would have them,"

"Do unto you!"

At the start of every school day,

We would all stand and pray,

"Our Father which art in Heaven,"

"Hallowed be Thy name!"

In school the name of God was heard.

It was more than a byword.

He was a loving Father,

Who treated all His children the same!

Back then, most folks married for love!

Divorce was seldom heard of.

Mom, Dad, and the kids,

Had the same last name!

When a man "took a wife,"

It was understood to be for life!

Marriage just wasn't,

Some sort of frivolous game.

Doors didn't have to be bolted shut.

There was no wholesale peddling of smut.

Even sinners respected "The Lord's Day."

When "Old Glory"passed by,

Folks would hold their heads high!

"God bless America," they would all say!

Ah, the changes came about so slow,

That a whole generation doesn't know,

The difference between,

Back then and now.

But, if the people of America will pray,

To God in earnest each day,


Perhaps He will help us,


"Turn the tide" somehow.

Robert F. Dotson © 2014





 Robert F. Dotson © 2014

Autumn's turning leaves,

Remind me that Winter's coming on.

Spring is just a memory,

And Summer is gone.

Flowers that once had hues,

Of lavender and red,

Are fast becoming brown,

And soon will be dead.

Chattering squirrels are storing,

Provisions here and there.

They will certainly taste good,

When the trees are bare.

Soon the wild geese,

Will take their annual southward flight,

And here on the ground,

We'll enjoy the beautiful sight!

Very shortly the air,

Will have the smell of burning wood,

As folks fire up their Buck stoves,

Around the neighborhood.

It's a time for apple cider,

Delicious pumpkin pie,

And joyful hayrides,

Beneath Autumn's blustery skies!

Marshmallow and wiener roasts,

Will be taking place!

Closeness to the campfire,

Will redden one's face.

These special events,

Are quite joyous to attend!

There we can have fellowship,

With our neighbors and friends!

Ocktoberfests and festivals,

In little towns appear,

In order to celebrate,

This beautiful time of year!

Sauerkraut and metts,

Are often the fare,

And the aroma of waffles and syrup,

Pleasantly fills the air!

Autumn is a time for Church homecomings,

Here and there,

Where preaching, shouting, and singing,

Fill the evening air!

It's a time to dig potatoes,

And pick turnip greens,

And bring in the harvest,

Of corn and soybeans!

Yes, farmers will be bringing,

Their harvest from the field,

And carefully comparing it,

To last year's yield.

They will be thankful to God!

Or at least they should,

For all things considered,

This year has been good!




 Robert F. Dotson © 2014
What's that in thine hand?
 Use it for the Lord,
Be it soothing balm,
 Or God's word, the two-edged sword!
Give your all to Christ! 
 Seek not your own gain!
Run on to the end!  
With Him Ye shall reign!
Satan has laid snares, 
All along our path.
But, he knows his time is short. 
 Soon he'll face God's wrath.
The baton has been passed to us!  
We cannot lay it down,
For waiting at the race's end,
 Is a robe and crown!
The Midnight Hour approaches. 
 We must run with all our might!
You see, over the next hurdle, 
The finish line is in sight!
'Tis a daily battle,
 In this spiritual fight.
But, take courage my dear comrade
.  We are in the right!
We must stand together,
Bravely in God's sight,
As we pierce the darkness,
 With His shining light!
Though Christ is the commander, 
Of this righteous force,
Satan's fleet keeps trying,
 To get our ship off course.
But, "the Old Ship of Zion," 
With all saints aboard,
Maneuvers through rough waters,
 Piloted by our Lord!
Though we are faced, 
With the onslaught of satan's mighty flood,
We are more than conquerors,
 Through Christ's precious blood!
Soon will come the harvest,
 And the gathering of the grain.
When we see its bountiful yield,
 We'll know we labored not in vain!
'Til then we must keep on praying, 
And sowing the precious seed,
For God will send the gentle rain,
 In the time of need!
You and I are runners, laborers, 
And soldiers under God's command!
Friend, He has well equipped us!  
What is that in thine hand?






 Robert F. Dotson © 2014




 Dear Lord, let me be,


A candle in the night.


For, I want this wicked world,


To see the light.


They don’t need to know my name,


I just want them,


To see Your flame,


Shining ever so bright!




Lord, I just want to be,


Completely hidden in Thee.


Fill me with power from above!


In this troubled land,


Let me extend a helping hand,


Reaching out with the light of Your love!




So, light my candle Lord,


With fire from your altar!


Oh, let the message shine out,


Near and far.


Jesus is a Saviour,


Who is so meek and lowly.


Just call His name,


And He’ll come to where you are!







Robert F. Dotson © 2014 


When I rise each morning,

I'm prompted to say,

"Thank You Lord for another day!"

I don't know what's going to happen,

It's true.

But, I've always been able,

To rely on You!

Each day may bring heartache,

Or joy sublime.

But, I've learned to just live,

One day at a time!

I have had both kinds of days,

Up until now.

Yet with your help,

I've made it somehow!

I am given the same amount of time,

Each and every day.

Twenty-four hours.

It's always been that way.

So I want to use my time wisely,

And I will be effective too,

If I always strive to do,

My very best for you!

This day may very well,

Come to an end,

With stinging words,

From a once close friend.

But, I'll face that situation,

Knowing it is true,

That nobody understands me,

Just like you do.

During this day,

May I bring much joy,

To some man woman,

Girl or boy!

This day may even bring,

Storm clouds and rain,

And my body may be wracked with,

Fever and pain.

But please help me Lord,

To fully understand,

That this day also,

Is held in Your hand!

Ah, but this very day,

I could be on a mountain high,

With a joyful heart,

That seems to fly!

All worry and care,

May be left behind,

As through God's grace,

New strength I find!

Yes, I may be happy or sad,

But, either way,

Help me to be thankful,

For this another day.

For Jesus, the Rose of Sharon,

Whose beauty fades not away,

Is the One who so lovingly,

Gave me this day!

















Robert F. Dotson © 2014 


She eagerly anticipates His arrival,

With tears of joy in her eyes,

For had He not promised,

He would return in the Eastern skies?

She remembers clearly His departure,

As if it were only yesterday,

Though centuries have come and gone,

Since He went away.

He told her it was imperative,

For Him to go,

To prepare for her a mansion,

And she knows that it is so!

She was not born of royal blood,

And she certainly was not a queen.

Why He would ever love her,

Remains to be seen.

She was only a bond servant,

Who was purchased for a great price.

His death on Calvary was the cost.

Oh, what a tremendous sacrifice.

Over the centuries she has seen,

Mighty kingdoms rise and fall.

Tyrants have come and gone.

But, she still stands straight and tall!

Though she could have been unfaithful,

She has remained pure!

Her love for her Bridegroom,

Has helped her to endure!

Yes, false brides have arisen,

Using her Bridegroom's name.

But, they are easily detected,

For the wedding garment is not the same!

She has taken every precaution,

To keep her garment spotless and wrinkle-free.

If she is to be accepted,

That's how it must be!

Her lamp is trimmed and burning,

And shining forth its light!

She has no thought of turning back.

She's striving for the right!

She has labored through the harvest,

The midnight deadline to meet.

Now she patiently waits with the sheaves,

To lay at the Master's feet!

She suddenly hears the Bridegroom's voice,

As a trumpet makes a mighty sound!

And as she hurries out to meet Him,

Her feet leave the ground!

Now, the whole world knows,

She is the only true bride,

As she stands before God's throne,

With the Bridegroom at her side!






By Robert F. Dotson


Dayton National Cemetery,

Is picturesque and serene,

With its grassy carpet,

So lush and green!

Here and there, a majestic tree,

Stands stately and tall!

           Interred in this hallowed ground,

The remains of America's heroes can be found!

We are here to give honor to them,

One and all!

Men and women,

Who counted the cause of freedom dear,

From all the major wars are here!

They hail from several states across our land!

Each of them readily answered,

Their country's call,

And unselfishly gave their all!

This love only God can understand!


As we remember the heroic dead,

I'm reminded that Jesus said,

The greatest love one could display,

Would be to die for a friend!

So, as we honor those who lie,

'Neath stones of white and God's blue sky,

Let's pray this kind of love will never end!


We have gathered on this special day,

To try in our own way,

To give honor to whom honor is die!

But, as we display our gratitude,

For those who died,

And point to their accomplishments with pride,

Let's give honor to those,

Who survived the wars too!


You see, many of these heroes cannot walk,

And even more of them can't talk,

About the horrible things they went through.

Because they answered the call when it came,

Their lives will never be the same,

Though some may look as healthy,

As me and you.


Ah, as the marines sharply execute,

The "twenty one gun salute,"

It is a fitting end to a perfect day!

So, with friends and family by our side,

And our hearts filled with pride,

With reverence we shall go on our way!


Memorial Day 1996





Robert F. Dotson  © 2014


My chances of ever being famous are slim!

But, if I'll just place my faith and trust in Him,

Jesus will make my whole life complete!

I must heed His call,

And surrender to Him my all,

While laying my ambitions at His feet!


To some folks it will come as a surprise,

That in God's kingdom there are no big "I's,"

But Friend, it's a matter of fact!

And In my relationship with others,

Including my Christian Sisters and Brothers,

I must use a good measure of tact!


Meekness is not popular today!

                    You will often hear folks say,

              "It's a dog eat dog world, you know!"

               Ah but, the Bible teaches you and /,

            That if we expect to ascend On High,

First we've got "to come low!"


For, just in case you haven't heard,

Jesus said In God's word,

"He who would be greatest,"

"Must be servant to all!"

So, / must be ever aware,

That pride is a deadly snare,

And a haughty spirit precedes a fall




Robert F. Dotson © 2014


 She manages a puzzled stare,

For the old man standing there.

Not recognizing her husband of over sixty years.

Her short term memory is gone,

And though life for them both goes on,

It's enough to drive a grown man to tears.

She talks about places from long ago,

And people she used to know.

To her those images are very real.

She speaks in a voice so low,

One can't always know,

Exactly how she may really feel.

Altzheimers, that dreadful disease,

Has driven many a man to his knees,

Calling out to God in prayer,

"God can't you see,"

"Why this is happening to me?"

"Are you sure you care?"

It's natural for these questions to enter one's mind,

And though the answers are impossible to find,

We must eventually place things in God's hands.

Yes, we mortals are prone to fear.

But, our God is always near!

He knows our problems and he always understands.








Robert F. Dotson © 2014






When Mrs. Price heard the door bell ring,


Her heart began to sing,


For she knew her little visitor was on time!


As she opened the door,


Precisely at four,


Her grandfather clock began to chime!


Darla was in tears,


So Mrs. Price calmed her fears,


As she held her close to her heart!


She felt so sorry for the little dear,


And she too shed a tear,


As she prayed they would never have to part.


That Darla was not well,


Was easy to tell!


She wasn't much more than skin and bone!


Her mother was on dope.


She had lost all hope,


And had a habit of leavin' Darla alone.


Many nights the little darlin' hadn't eaten,


And she was badly beaten,


By her mother's cruel "live in."


But, going on four o'clock each day,


The little girl would slip away,


Without Momma knowin' where she had been.


Momma would always sleep 'til six.


Then she would go out for a fix,


And be gone for the rest of the night.


Momma would go out with the men.


Then, she would come draggin' in,


As it started to become daylight.


Mrs. Price noticed that today,


Darla had little to say.


She didn't want anything to eat at all.


She just sat in the chair,


And continued to stare,


At a picture of Jesus hanging on the wall.


Then the little girl said to Mrs. Price,


"That man sure seems nice,"


"With the little kids sittin' on His knee!"


"He looks so good and kind,"


"Do you think He would mind,"


"If one of the little kids was me?"


As Mrs. Price softly cried,


She tenderly replied,


"Jesus would love to have you on His knee!"


"You see, In the Bible I have read,"


"Where Jesus lovingly said,"


"'Suffer the little children to come unto Me!"


Later, Mrs. Price drifted off into a nap,


So, Darla sneaked down off her lop,


And quietly crept out the door!


She was startled to hear the six O'clock chime,


For she knew since she wouldn't get home on time,


She would never see Mrs. Price anymore!


Getting home Darla found the door open wide,


And as she slowly stepped inside,


In terror she took a deep breath!


She tried her best to explain,


But, there was no stopping the inflicted pain,


As her mother beat her to death.


The morning paper the next day,


In a full page display,


Describe the death of this young victim in detail.


A nearby neighbor had found,


Little Darla lying on the ground,


But, attempts of reviving her were to no avail.


When Mrs. Price opened her door,


And retrieved the morning newspaper from the floor,


She could hardly believe her eyes.


For there on the very front page,


It said , "MOM GETS IN A RAGE,"




Then Mrs. Price's breaths got farther apart,


And with the stopping of her heart,


Her long life came to an endl


But, as she bid this old world goodby,


Her soul went soaring through the sky,


To meet Darla and Jesus their friend!












By Robert F. Dotson © 2014




             The prophet Elijah stood on Mount Carmel,


And looked all around.


In that great multitude of people,


Not a sign of holiness could be found.


Israel was steeped in idolatry,


Ruled by Ahab and Jezebel.


Elijah was God's lone prophet.


There were 450 prophets of baal.


God's prophet told the people,


"You're going to choose today."


"Will it be baal or Jehovah?"


"What do you have to say?"


"Why halt you between two opinions?"


"It really doesn't make good sense."


"Will you serve an idol or the true God?"


"It's time to get off the fence."


"You cannot serve two masters."


"It happens without fail."


"You will love one and hate the other."


"Will you love God or baal?"


Well Elijah saw right then and there,


That the people had nothing to say.


He said, "Even though the odds are 450 to one,


It's time for us all to pray."


He requested two bullocks be offered,


One for God, and one for baal.


He knew the "True God" would triumph,


The moment the fire fell.


He said, "Cut them in pieces ,


And lay them on the wood.


"Let the god that answereth by fire be your God."


The people said, "That's good."


Elijah said, "You are many."


"You can be first to pray."


"Make no fire under the sacrifice."


"Just call on your god today."


Well, they prayed from morning 'til evening,


Without any results.


All the while Brother Elijah,


Was busy hurling insults.


He said, "Maybe your god is talking,”


Or trying to pursue,”


On a journey, or asleep,”


Or maybe not even listening to you."


They jumped upon baal's altar,


And cut themselves 'lil the blood gushed out.


They cried, "Oh, baal hear us,"


But, the only sound was their shout.


Then it was Elijah and God's turn.


He repaired God's altar and took twelve stones.


One was for each tribe of Israel,


God's chosen He'd called His own.


He built a trench around the altar.


Into it twelve barrels of water were poured.


Then at the time of the evening sacrifice,


Elijah called upon the name of the Lord.


He said, "Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel,”


Let it be known today”


That I remain your servant."


"Oh, hear me when I pray."


Our God heard Elijah.


He sent that heavenly flame.


It burned everything on and around the altar,


Through faith in Jehovah's name.


The people said, "The Lord is God,"


As on their faces they fell.


Elijah said, "Don't let a one of them escape."


So they captured the prophets of baal.


He took them to the brook Kishon,


And there they met their doom.


Friend, God is a jealous God.


To serve another another there is no room.


Elijah had shut the rain off,


With a prayer more than three years before.


So he prayed to God for rain once again,


And Brother it began to pour.


He told King Ahab to prepare his chariot,


And get down to Jezreel.


About that time I believe Brother Elijah felt,


That wheel in the middle of a wheel."


He gave old Ahab a head start,


And then Elijah ran.


He was the winner of the race,


Helped on by God's own hand!







For over two thousand years,

Jesus still makes "house calls!"

His office is not confined,

To only four walls.

It's as vast and wide,

As the universe!

But, He doesn't ever need,

The service of a nurse!


Of His healing power,

There is no lack!

You see, our healing is guaranteed,

By the stripes on His back!

Jesus never writes,

A prescription for pills,

And you don't have to worry,

About monthly doctor bills!


His technique never changes,

Yet it never grows old!

He can heal everything,

From cancer to a cold!

The only requirement for us to receive,

Is to come to Jesus,

And with faith believe!

No appointment is needed,

On a certain day!

Friend, you don't have to worry,

If the insurance will pay!

Your whole family is covered,

And no matter what the disease,

The Great Physician can cure it with ease!

To call Doctor Jesus,

You don't need a phone!

He doesn't ever forget a patient!

Your case is well known!

Jesus has no associates!

He's the only doctor you will see!

When you call out His name,

He'll hear your earnest plea!


No "second opinion" is needed!

He's the doctor you're looking for!

But, His instructions must be heeded,

"Go thy way and sin no more."






By Robert F. Dotson © 2014


As Brad and his comrades stepped down from the plane,
Voices from the crowd yelled, "You must have been insane."
"What did you guys even come back to America for?"
Such was their welcome home from the Vietnam war.
Although Brad was hurting deep down inside,
He tried to take their hateful remarks in stride.
Their comments cut him like a knife,
So he rushed to the arms of Lisa, his wife!
Next to his darling was a sight that made him glad!
His little boy held a sign saying, "Welcome home, Dad!"
The three of them ran to a waiting car and sped away!
That was exactly twenty years ago yesterday!
As he was driving toward home Brad thought I, "Why me?"
"l was just a skinny kid from Tennessee,"
"When I volunteered to represent America, my homeland!"
"This hostility toward us I just don't understand."
In the following days Brad found refuge in Lisa's arms,
And he eventually fell into the routine of life on the farm!
The medals he had received in the Vietnam war,
Were tucked out of sight upstairs in a dresser drawer.
The responsibility of being a dad to his son, Tim,
Took Brad's mind off the past and was good for him!
Over the years Brod's bad memories had begun to fade!
But then an important decision had to be made.
Brad was invited to be in the Fourth of July celebration,
In honor of all those who had served our nation!
Lisa said, "Brad, you should go for your own sake."
"But, that is a decision only you can make."
"Honey, whatever you decide to do,"
"The Lord and I will stand by you!"
Well, on the evening of July third,
Brad's patriotic spirit was stirred!
So, he went upstairs and brought his medals down!
Then he said, "Tomorrow let's all go to town!"
"You see, there's a parade I want to be in!"
At his announcement Lisa and Tim began to grin!
On the Fourth of July there was a clear blue sky,
As everywhere "Old Glory" was waving high!
The parade had floats galore and a high school band,
Along with veterans of each war from across the land!
They proudly went to a park nearby,
Where they celebrated 'neath God's blue sky!
The prestigious speaker of the day,
Was a well known former Green Beret!
He spoke of the deep pain in each serviceman's heart,
And of memories which caused the tears to start.
He gave honor to all those who,
Died in the defense of the red, white, and blue!
Then, he spoke of the pain of the deceased's kin,
Knowing their loved ones would never return again.
With tears in his eyes he looked at the crowd,
Saying, "Do you see these men all standing proud,"
"With those in wheelchairs who can no longer stand?"
"They all deserve the love and respect of our entire land!"
"It doesn't matter which war they served in!"
"Thank God, they made it back home again!"
"Folks, when they were asked there was no hesitation!"
"They went thousands of miles to represent our nation!"
"So, today I would like for you all to stand,"
"And give these valiant souls a well deserved hand!"
Then, every last person in the crowd stood,
And respected the veterans the way they should!
As the celebration ended and they were walking away,
Brad said, "Lisa I feel like I finally came home today!"









By Robert F. Dotson © 2014




 I can’t see the burdens you carry,


When I greet you every day.


I haven’t seen the tears you cried,


Along life’s rugged way.


I don’t know how many nights,


You have felt alone and blue,


When you longed within your heart,


For someone to comfort you.


But, I too have had some heartaches.


Yes, of trouble I’ve had my share.


And I’ve experienced lonely moments,


When noone seemed to care.


But Friend, since I met the Master,


When things get sad and grim,


I just whisper His precious name,


As I share my thoughts with Him!







By Robert F. Dotson  © 2014


Oh, to be like Enoch,

Who walked with God each day.

He drew so near. He got so close,

'Til he was called away.

Or, to be like Brother Noah,

Who found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

He saved himself and all his house,

By trusting in God's word.

Oh, to be like Abraham, friend of God,

Man of faith was he.

He was searching for that country,

That would last throughout eternity.

I'd even like to be like Jacob,

Though a supplanter at the start.

He found much grace. God changed his name,

And Israel received a new heart.

I'd like to be like Joseph,

That young man so wise and pure.

He was tempted by old satan,

And could have given in for sure.

Could I ever be like Moses?

Meekest man on earth was he.

He led Israel out. He stretched forth his rod,

And our God parted the sea.

I'd like a heart like Caleb.

"Give me this mountain", he declared.

Though it was infested with giants,

His God and Caleb were prepared.

Who was as mighty as Joshua?

He put on God's armour and sword.

He said, "As for me and my house,

We're going to serve the Lord."

I long to be like Samuel.

He said to God, "Here am I."

Though the priesthood was polluted,

He served Jehovah 'til he died.

Who can compare to King David,

"A man after God's own heart?"

No matter what others did,

He always took God's part.

Oh, to be like King Hezekiah.

He sought God with tears.

His prayer reached heaven. God changed his mind,

And gave him fifteen more years.

I must not forget to mention Daniel,

Or the Hebrews three.

The king built an idol and commanded them to worship,

But they would not bow the knee.

I've had many fine examples,

Down through the ages of time.

I have saved the greatest to speak of last.

He's that wonderful Redeemer of mine!

Oh, I long to be like Jesus, Mighty Counselor,

Son of God, Prince of Peace.

Lily of the Valley, Bright and Morning Star,

Fairest of Ten Thousand is He!






By Robert F. Dotson  © 2014


In my mind's eye I can see him yet,

                                                         Wipin' the sweat,

                                               And  holdin' on to the plow.

                                              I learned from the start,

That if  farmin' was an art,

My daddy sure knew how!


He tended the fields,

Producing the maximum yields.

Then, he gave the landowner half.

That's the way they would do.

Livestock was divided too,

                                           Right down to a cow and her calf!


                                 Daddy ruled our home with on iron hand,

                                Which was something I didn't understand,

                                   And I still can't comprehend it all today.

                             But, to provide for us he wore his body out,

And without a doubt,

He must have loved us in his own way.


Back then "kids were to be seen and not heard!"

So, you had better not utter a sassy word,

                                       Or you knew you would "get the belt!"

Yes, there were times when I sassed,

And the memories still last,

Of exactly how it felt!


With the assistance of the rod,

And a strong belief in God,

Daddy "kept me on the Straight and Narrow path!"

But, there came a day,

When I became old enough to stray,

And I subsequently suffered God's wrath!


However, when my days of roamin' were done,

This prodigal son,

Returned to the God of his dad!

And though I had wandered in sin,

God and Daddy took me in,

And treated me like I never had!


Daddy died in Nineteen and Eighty Seven,

Thank God, he awaits me in Heaven,

In a mansion beside a golden street!

So, onward I trod,

Keeping my strong faith in God,

With the realization that one day we shall meet!







By Robert F. Dotson  © 2014


 They "blazed the trail" before us, 


Those blessed servants of God,


Caring not for wealth nor fame,


As on this earth they trod!


The early Christians were persecuted.


 Some were burnt at the stake.


Many were brutally slaughtered,


 Solely for the Gospel's sake.


 Though the world was not worthy of them,


They were tried and true!


They loved not their life to the finish,


And they "made it through!'


Friend, all down through the ages,


 And even to the present day,


 There has been a group of people,


Living "the Holiness way!"


 Our forefathers were such people!


They suffered ridicule and shame.


But they kept on living "Holiness," 


Through faith in Jesus' name!


They were called "Holy Rollers,"


"Fanatics", and "Tongue gang" too.


 Friend, their faithfulness then,


 Has made it easier for me and you!


 They were God's peculiar people,


Sanctified and set apart!


 Sin was foreign to them!


 They remained pure in heart!


  They were praying people,


Always taking God at His word!


 Their testimony to God's greatness,


Was all you ever heard!


 They didn't have a lot of money.


 No finery could be found.


 So when they needed anything,


They always "prayed it down!"


They left us the greatest religious heritage,


 Man has ever known!


We are reaping yet today,


 From the seeds they had sown!


 The "torch of Holiness,"



Has been passed to us!


  We must lift it high!


Oh, let us never lay it down,


 Or cause its flame to die.


 It will take great effort on our part,


 With a love so pure and strong,


 If we are ever going to be able,


 To "pass this faith along!"


We can do it, one and all,


By "pressing our shoulder to the wheel!"


Then, when Jesus comes back to get us,


Folks will be living it still!


 One generation shall praise Thy works to another,

And shall declare Thy mighty acts!

Psalms 145:4 KJV






Robert F. Dotson © 2014


America, 0, America, sweet land of my birth,

No greater country than Thee remaineth on earth!

However, America land of man's dreams,

You have tumed your back on your Founder it seems!

You have become the habitation,

Of "every mean and hateful bird,”

Like Mystery Babylon,

In God's Holy Word!

You have stiffened your neck,

And deafened your ear,

And when God speaks,

You just will not hear!

You're like the Israelites who left Egypt,

"With a high hand,"

Then still failed to make it through,

To the "Promised Land.


You have traded your white robes of virginity,

For things you can only feel and see!

You have left the high majestic course,

Where oft times men and eagles soared,

And took the dim and winding path,

Without the guidance of Christ your Lord!


You have taken untold millions of lives,

In abortion mills that are easily found.

Their blood cries against you to God above,

From caverns 'neath your polluted ground!

Like the Laodicean church in Revelations

You say you have no need af anything!

Yet, I counsel you to buy white rainment,

Gold, and eyesalve from Jesus Christ your King!


The blood of many of your youth,

Now flows upon your city streets.

You need the "Great Physician,"

Your putrefying sores to treat!

You've engaged many counselors,

And together you have "played the fool!"

God, the foundation on which you were formed,

Is a "by word" in your public schools!


The favorite music of the leaders of the land,

Is perfomed by ungodly rock and roll bands!

Rock and roll glorifies drugs and suicide!

No wonder many of your youth have died!


You've traded all your national heroes,

For sports heroes who endorse fancy clothes!

They cater to "alternative" lifestyles!

Their trademarks are their "flashy " smiles!

Behind closed doors that were once left unlocked,

Sit angry men with guns aimed and cocked!

According to Scripture it was foretold,

That the "love of many would wax cold!"


Spurgeon, Moody, and Wesley,

Once filled cathedrals across your land!

Now silence fills these mighty edifices,

That only stand as a monument to man.

Your elderly languish in nursing homes,

"Out of the public eye,"

And some of them spend their remaining days,

Just praying to die.

There's only one solution for your decaying morality.

You must go back to Calvary and fall on bended knee!

The Word of God has given a very clear plan!

If you will only repent, America,

Then, God will heal our land!


If My people who are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray,and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear fromHeaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land!

II Chron. 7.14 KJV.






Seeing "Old Glory" waving high,

And proud against a clear blue sky,

Is a vivid reminder that people will die,

For Liberty.


Red and yellow, black and white,

Have joined together in the fight,

To champion the cause of right,

And Liberty!


So, with God, our Sovereign in command,

Let brotherhood reign across our land!

Then, forever we shall joyfully stand,

For Liberty!






Ah, sweet memories from my childhood,
Quite often I find,
Overcome life’s clutter, 
And flow gently through my mind!
I remember sleeping ‘neath a tin roof, 
To the rhythm of falling rain,
And waking the next morning, 
With my young body free from pain!
I would lie there as the aroma,
Of Mama's bacon, eggs, and bread,
Came floating into my room,
And seemed to encircle my bed.
Back then, we ate a hearty breakfast,
With all the family there.
Then, we’d gather at the family altar,
For our daily morning prayer!
I remember being close to my cousins.
We sure had a good time!
Like typical boys, 
We always loved to climb.
Quiet often our escapades,
Were not all that good,
For what one boy didn’t think of,
The other two would.
We often played “Andy Over,” 
Or “tag” while it was still light.
Then, we’d go inside and play “I spy,” 
Until bedtime that night!
Once my family made sorghum molasses,
Back in the Kentucky hills.
A mule provided the power,
To turn the sugar cane mill.
We put the syrup in an iron kettle,
And cooked it that night,
And when we tasted the finished product, 
It was just right!
I remember church fellowship meetings,
With “dinner on the ground.”
No better food or fellowship,
Could anywhere be found!
I always enjoyed Vacation Bible School,
And the things we made.
It was there the foundation of the faith,
I have today was laid!
In Sunday School I listened,
As the stories unfolded from God’s word.
The story of David and Goliath,
Was the most exciting I’d ever heard!
But, the greatest story was about Jesus,
“The Man of Galilee,”
Who died a cruel death on Calvary,
To save a boy like me!


By Robert F. Dotson © 2014





I thank God for the influence my precious mother had on my life.  She gave her heart to God when I was just a small boy many years ago.  I never saw her smoke a cigarette or heard her swear.  Life wasn’t easy being a tenant farmer’s wife.  But, she relied on God!  When her children were sick she would ask God to heal them.  We didn’t have the finer things in life.  However, there was never a question in my mind that my mother loved me.  






By Robert F. Dotson  © 2014


The blessed truth,

I learned in my youth,

Sustains me yet today!

For I was taught,

I must be blood-bought,

And walk the Straight and Narrow Way!

My precious Mother,

More than any other,

Was a positive influence on me.

In a world of sin and strife,

Her Godly life,

Was plain for all to see!

She was always there,

With intercessory prayer,

When she knew I was in need!

When my faith grew weak,

The Holy Ghost would speak,

With a message I must  heed!

Many years have gone by,

But I still rely,

On the prayers she prayed for me!

Her desire still today,

Is that in every way,

I’ll be the man God wants me to be!




By Robert F. Dotson  © 1994


I got another letter today,

From down Kentucky way!

Who it was from wasn't hard to tell!

I knew the handwriting very well!


For over a quarter of a century now,

Through good and bad times somehow,

 My mother has so faithfully,

Most every week written to me.


"Dear Loved ones," the letters start.

Then, she begins to "pour out her heart."

Each letter will contain family news,

And pertinent religious views!


She writes about how good Christ has been,

He who forgave all of her sins!

Sometimes she will quote word for word,

 Lines from a gospel song we've heard!


 She always "encourages me in the Lord,"

As we both press forward toward our reward!

 I love hearing from Mom and there are times when,

I read her letter all over again.


If Mom doesn't get my letter she will call,

So we can reassure her it's delayed, that's all!

Sometimes the mailman "gets his wires crossed,"

And Mom's letter seems to be lost.


But, it just turns out to be a mishandled letter,

And when it finally comes, I feel much better!

So, once more under Heaven's vast dome,

I've received a letter from Mom and home!









Robert F. Dotson©2014




 They met many years ago,


In what is now San Jose!


It was love at first sight,"


They would later say!


Jack was a wealthy cattle rancher!


Laura was a "lady of means!"


Their lifestyle truly rivaled,


That of Kings and Queens!


Days were spent doing business!


Nights were spent "on the town!"


They seemed to be "shining stars,"


That would never fall down!


Ah, but then one evening,


Jack became very sick!


So, he sent this message to Laura,


Darling, please come quick!


Hastily Laura ran,


To her beloved's side,


She found him lying on his back,


With his eyes opened wide!


As she gently placed her hand,


Upon Jack's fevered brow,


He asked her to please make a vow!


He said, "Laura, my dear,”


Please send for the preacher man!"


"Tell him to come as fast as he can!"


When Laura heard Jack's request,


She seemed to hesitate!


But, Jack said, "Darling, hurry!"


"This just can't wait!"


You see, Laura remembered Ben, the preacher,


Used to be Jack's friend.


Yet, for some unknown reason,


Their friendship had come to a bitter end!


She remembered at their last encounter,


What Jack had to say.


He said, "Ben, I don't ever want to see you,”


Until my dyin' day!"


But, Jack suddenly,


Had a change of heart now!


So, Laura must bring Ben back,


With her somehow!


She hurried back in to town,


As fast as she could,


Hoping her visit with Ben,


Would do some good.


At Ben's home she knocked,


And he opened the door!


Ben silently wondered,


What she was there for.


She said, "Ben, please come!"


"Jack is near death!"


"He may already taken,


His very last breath!"


"However, he asked me to make a vow,"


"To bring you back with me!"


"That's why I'm here now!"


Together, they hurried to Jack's side,


Finding his eyes no longer opened wide!


But, Jack heard them enter the room,


And fearing his impending doom,


He began to loudly say,


"Ben, please forgive me and pray man, Pray!"


The room grew deathly quiet,


As the preacher's prayer was spoken!


Then, in just a few minutes,


The raging fever was broken!


In a couple of hours,


Jack stood on his feet,


And asked if he might have a bite to eat!


"All was forgiven,"


I've heard the old folks say,


And Jack and Laura were wed,


On the very next "Lord's day!"


That Ben performed the ceremony,


Was no surprise.


As he Listened to their vows,


There were tears in his eyes!


Jack had asked for forgiveness,


And Ben forgave!


And the reason for their feud,


Was taken to the grave!



Robert F. Dotson©2014






Lord, if I could write a love song,


I would sing it just for you!


It wouldn't be about a love gone wrong,


Or a heart that had proved untrue.


I would tell about all the good things,


You have done for me!


The changes You've made in my life, Lord,


I want the whole wide world to see!


Now, I'm nobody special.


I'm just a common man,


On my way to Heaven,


Trying to do the best I can.


But, when I get over in Glory,


And we've sung a song or two,


Somewhere in Eternity,


I want to sing my song for You!


So, I'm going to write that love song!


I'm going to choose my words just right.


 I want to tell how You brought me out of darkness,


Into Your marvelous light!


I was headed for destruction,


'Til Your sweet love brought me through!


So, I will write that love song,


And I'll sing it just for you!








Robert F. Dotson © 2014


 You may think you can get by,


Doing things "on the sly."


But, God's "all seeing eye,"


Is watching you!


 When you speak an unkind word,


And think nobody heard,


That's certainly absurd,


For He's listening too!


 Do you remember that latest business deal?


It was practically a steal.


Ah but, how did the other party feel,


When the deal was done?


 You see, whether we're at work or play,


Folks notice what we do and say.


And each and every day,


We represent God's son!


 Oh, in my mind the wheels are turning,


And my heart within me is burning,


Creating a yearning,


To "turn over a new leaf!"


 For Jesus is a Precious Friend,


On Whom I can depend!


So I definitely don't want to offend,


Or cause Him grief!











By Robert F. Dotson © 2014


If you should be the first to go,

It sure would cheer my heart to know,

That in Heaven,

Where the crystal waters flow,

You'll wait for me!

Through valleys low my path may wind.

But, Darling I won't mind,

If at my journey's end I find,

You waiting there for me!

However, it might be the case,

That I would outrun you in life's race.

If so Dear, I'll just find a resting place,

And wait for you!

Together we've felt,

The sunshine and the rain,

And shared the laughter and the pain.

So, this one fact shall remain,

I'll wait for you!







By Robert F. Dotson © 2014






I cannot offer you wealth or fame.


In the world’s social register,


There’s no mention of my name.


Dear, I want to be honest with you,


Right from the start.


I have no gold or silver.


But, I’ll give you my heart!




I can’t take you on vacation,


To London or Rome,


To show you Big Ben,


Or a cathedral’s majestic dome.


Our excursions in the future,


May be only a few miles apart.


But, I promise to stay close by you,


And give you my heart!




I’ll make every endeavor,


To be a Godly man,


And to love, honor, and protect you,


The best that I can.


Our love will be a symphony,


A beautiful work of art,


Created the very moment,


I give you my heart!









By Robert F. Dotson © 2014


"A friend loveth at all times!"

Oh, what a beautiful thought'

A friendship is "cultivated,"

But never, ever bought!

A friend is one who'll stand by you,

Even when clouds are dark and gray,

And be at your "beckon call,"

No matter what hour of the day!

A friend will lend a "listening" ear,

To a problem great or small,

And never tell what you've told them,

No matter "who" comes to call!

A friend will visit when you've missed church,

Or send a card your way.

They'll kneel before our God above,

And call out your name when they pray!

A friend will know when to come around,

When you're down and feeling blue,

And have the very words to say,

That God has sent to you!

A friendship doesn't have to cease,

When someone moves out of state!

You can spend some vacation time with them.

The fellowship is great!

Take in a couple of campmeetings,

And then visit one of God's creations!

Spend some "prayer time" together,

And strengthen those friendly relations!

The Bible plainly tells us if we want friends,

We must friendly be!

Friendships started down here on earth,

Can last eternally!

When a friend dies you love them still,

Although you're far apart!

Their memory and your love for them,

Remains inside your heart!

Although you may have many friends,

Another can't take their place,

And there is a longing in your heart,

To once more see their face!

There are friendships natural,

And also friendships divine!

Yes, some friends are so close,

That their very hearts entwine!

How wonderful it is for a man and his wife

To be joined together,

And remain good friends for life!

And yet, a greater friendship,

Is one with Jesus our Lord,

When we sweet communion find,

Together in one accord!

A friendship with Jesus,

Is far above any other!

Our Lord is a Friend,

That sticketh closer than a brother!"

He was our great example of friendship,

To the very end!

For greater love could no man have,

Than to lay down his life for his friends!






If tomorrow comes once more I'll rise,
'Neath sunny or even stormy skies,
And thank God for another day!
It will be a day like no other,
With opportunities to help my Sister and Brother,
And sow some seeds of kindness along the way!


Each day I live is Heaven sent!
And this one will be wisely spent,
If I place everything in God's hands!
I cannot "do my own thing,"
And please my Lord and King.
His will must be my only plans!

If tomorrow comes I'll face that day,
In very much the same way,
I've faced so many others before.
For, as I step into the unknown,
I shall not be alone,
For I will enter through Christ, the Open Door!

Robert F. Dotson © 2014




Robert F. Dotson © 2014

The young man took one last look at the old home place.

Then he did an about face,

And slowly walked down the little country lane.

In the bell tower the church bells began to toll,

Causing a loneliness in his soul.

But, he kept a straight face to mask the pain.

As he entered into a life of sin,

He realized if he ever make it home again,

Things would never be quite the same.

However, he was just thinking about here and now,

And though he didn't know how,

He planned on making himself a name!

Ah, it wasn't very long,

Until a life of wine, women, and song,

Produced moral and physical decay.

Every night he'd get high.

Then the next morning he would cry,

With a headache that just wouldn't go away.

Eventually, he was left without a friend.

And he had reached his rope's end,

When he heard about Jesus, God's Son!

He heard a street preacher say,

"Christ will wash your sins away,"

"And forgive you for every wrong you've done!"

So, he accepted Jesus into his life,

And he left behind all sin and strife,

And the insatiable urge to roam.

Then laying aside his foolish pride,

He "hitched" ride after ride,

In an attempt to reach his childhood home.

Oh, it was a cold and wintry night,

And he could barely see the light,

On the porch of the little house on the hill.

His face felt frozen and he could barely see.

Then he saw that old familiar oak tree.

It's location near the house he remembered still!

From the oak tree he crawled the last few feet,

Not knowing what kind of reception he would meet,

As he weakly knocked on the cabin door.

Ah yes, he could hear voices inside,

And as the door swung open wide,

The sight of home made his spirits soar!

Next he saw the most wonderful sight.

It was his Daddy with hair so white!

Big old tears were streaming down his face.

His precious Mommy stood by his side.

Then she lovingly replied,

"Son, things just haven't been the same,"

"Since you left the old home place."




 Robert F. Dotson                               



 Last night an old acquaintance,


Knocked upon my door.


It was my dear friend Memory,


Who came to visit me once more!


He said, "Old Pal my shiny train,”


Is waiting at the track!"


So, I grabbed my hat, my coat, and my cane,


And we went flying back!


Back across the years we went,


To an old familiar place,


And there patiently waiting for me,


Was a most welcome face!


It was the lad that once was me,


Who met us with a grin!


Once more he embraced me tenderly saying,


"I knew you'd come again!"


We took a stroll down a country road.


Just Memory, the lad, and I,


And when we reached the little family abode,


I suppressed the urge to cry.


Next, we went to the little schoolhouse,


Where I learned to read and write.


Once more I saw my childhood friends,


Who were a pleasant sight!


It was no surprise each one of them,


Looked like they did before.


They sure were glad to see me!


They said so o'er and o'er!


We ran barefoot through a meadow,


And swung on the old grapevine!


This caused the joy to overflow,


Within this heart of mine!


We visited the little church,


Where I attended as a lad!


We worshiped there as a family,


Of this I sure am glad!


Then, I found myself wishing,


I wouldn't have to leave the past.


But, I knew deep inside of me,


This visit wasn't meant to last.


So, with an aching heart I embraced the lad,


As Memory called "All Aboard!"


Then, the speeding train whisked me away,


From the place I once adored!


Back in time we went quickly,


Over many, many years,


Then, I found myself in my easy chair.


My eyes were filled with tears.


But, it seemed I heard the lad say,


From somewhere in my heart,


"Be patient, for there will come a day,”


When we'll never have to part!"

 Robert F. Dotson © 2014









 Robert F. Dotson © 2014


As I walked in the door,

The desk clerk said, "Good evening Senor,"

"May I be of assistance to you?"

Secrecy was a must!

Was he someone I could trust?

I searched his face for the smallest clue!

Due to the excessive heat,

My face was "as red as a beet!"

So, I asked for a place to sit down.

I assumed right away,

It was here I must stay,

Since it was the only hotel in town!

After catchig my breath for awhile,

I said producing my best smile,

"I would like a room for the night."

"Sir, you may have room ten,"

"He said with a grin,"

"It's the second room on your right!"

The room sure was nice!

So I asked him the price,

But, he acted as though he hadn't heard!

Then, he whispered "Mr. Blue,"

"There's no cost to you,"

And he disappeared without saying another word!

I prayed an earnest prayer,

As I wondered how many other people out there,

Besides the desk clerk knew my name!

I was curious too,,

Just how much they knew,

Of the reason why I came.

Thoughts were running wildly through my head,

As I placed my suitcase under the bed,

And quickly turned around to find,

To my utter surprise,

I beheld a pair of eyes,

Staring at me through the Venetian blind!

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door!

So, I walked across the floor

And slowly opened it wide!

There before me a nervous stronger stood,

Who asked if he could,

Please come inside!

I said, "Sure, come on in,"

And he said with a grin,

"I'm your contact, Mr. Blue!"

"Our every move is being traced!"

"We must make haste!"

"Did you bring the Bibles with you?"

When I handed him the suitcase he looked inside,

And his face was glowing with pride,

As his eyes filled up with tears!

He said, "I guess it's plain to see,"

"That this means so much to me!"

"We've waited for these Bibles for years!"

He didn't seem to have anything else to say.

So, he turned away,

And was engulfed by the darkness of the night!

Due to all of the excitement I hadn't seen,

My waiting limousine!

So, you can be assured it was a welcome sightl

I rushed to it and quickly closed the door!

Then, with a mighty roar,

We sped toward a waiting plane!

Never in my whole life had I known,

Such a feeling of being alone.

My friends would have considered me insane.

As the plane left the ground,

It could easily have been downed,

By the steady ring of gunfire.

But, we all said a prayer,

As we sped through the air,

And steadily climbed higher and higher!

Now as I stand looking out over the bay,

Thinking of the preceding day,

That transpired on a foreign shore,

I thank God for His marvelous grace,

In helping me escape from that place!

But, somehow I wish I could have done more!





 Robert F. Dotson © 2014


 Come in from life's storm.


Inside you will be warm!


You don't have to shiver in the cold!




Come meet the Shepherd of the sheep!


Your soul He will keep,


And you won't ever have to stray from the fold!




I know you have been abused,


And quite often misused.


But, Jesus is looking for folks like you!




Although your world is torn apart,


He will mend your broken heart,


And make you over anew!




There's no time for delay.


Today is your day!


Listen closely Jesus is calling your name!




Can you see the smile on His face?


Once you accept His grace,


You'll never ever be the same!




Friend, I was once like you.


I had sinned against God too.


I was as miserable as I could be.




Ah, but Jesus said, “Child, I understand.”


So, I gladly took His hand,


And He wonderfully set me free!







By Robert F. Dotson © 2014


In a dry and barren land,

I found myself one day.

I was unable to stand.

So, I fell on my face to pray.

“Lord, there’s a longing in my soul,”

“Only You can satisfy.”

“So, please come to my rescue,”

“Or I shall surely die.”

Then, I heard His tender voice,

Say, “Come unto me,”

“For a cool drink of water.”

“My child, it is free!”

“With My heavenly manna,”

“Your hungry soul I’ll fill!”

“Just place your soul in my keeping,”

“And bend to My will!”

So, with all that was within me,

I heeded His call!

I said, “Lord, I’ll serve You!”

“I’ll give You my all!”

And since that glorious day,

Through the good times and bad,

I can honestly say,

He’s the best Friend I’ve ever had!





By Robert F. Dotson © 2014 


God's mighty army is passing by,


Under the surveillance of His watchful eye!


Each blood-bought soldier carries a shining sword!


Aren't we an awesome sight,


In our garments of spotless white,


Marching forward to battle for Christ, our Lord?




'Tis enough to make the devil rage,


Seeing saints of every age,


And from every kindred, tribe and nation.


Soon we'll give old satan the rout!


Then, you will hear our victory shout,


As we praise the God of our salvation!




We have no time for being slack,


Or having thoughts of turning back.


"Forward March," is our Captain's command!


Ah, somewhere around the next bend,


We could reach our journey's end!


Our destination is Beaulah Land!




Can you sense the glorious feeling in the air,


Encouraging one and all to prepare,


For our Lord's imment return?


Soon we shall view Sweet Heaven Fair!


Ah, just the thought of being there,


Makes our hearts within us yearn!




Watch us as we march along!


We are countless millions strong!


We're truly "All for One and One for all!"


Friend, as we approach the night,


Harder and harder we must fight,


For shortly we shall hear Gabriel's trumpet call!




Proudly let the blood stained banner wave!


"Tis proof our Lord has power to save!


Forever let his flag our colors be!


Then, when we stand before the Lord,


To receive our eternal reward,


He'll say "Welcome home to be with Me!"





By Robert F. Dotson © 2014


 Before the dawning of the morning ere the sun is shining bright


I can hear my Lord a callin' toward the ending of the night!


With a voice so strong, yet tender He bids me to swiftly go,


Out into His fertile field many precious seeds to sow!


 You see, there's a portion of God's field that only I can sow!


For I will be held accountable to witness to folks I know!


My portion has been long neglected I am sad to say.


Other interests got my attention.


Thus, I was hindered on my way.


This portion of God's vineyard has always been mine!


I'm responsible for tending each young and tender vine.


I must dig gently around them and water them with my tears!


While pointing them to Jesus who will alleviate their fears!


If a vine becomes unfruitful I must call out their name in prayer,


Asking God to give more mercy while I give them tender care!


If a Brother or a Sister cannot lift up feeble hands,


I must be one who is supportive and always understands!


 If there are others who have fallen having feeble knees,


I must come to their assistance as I strive my Lord to please!


I must make every second count for time is running out.


Soon the Lord will rise and swiftly shut Mercy's door, no doubt!


 Then, those who are not clothed with garments white as snow,


Will not enter into Heaven for they weren't prepared to go!


I can no longer linger! Many souls are at stake!


A matter of life and death rides on the decisions I make!


Yes, the challenge is great. But the opportunity is too!


My life must be given to labor for there is much to do!






By Robert F. Dotson © 2014


 You may feel so unimportant,

As you greet folks at the church door.

In your humble estimation,

Other people are doing more!

But Friend, just keep right on smilin'

And a friendly hand extend!

Show the Master you are faithful

And on you He can depend!


You may be one of our ushers,

Which sometimes seems a menial chore.

However just be content,

'Til the Saviour asks you for more!


While working on bus ministry,

You may visit homes each week,

Or go to the highways and byways,

Someone's lost soul to seek!


Another important task,

That is not spoken much about,

Is climbing behind the wheel,

And driving the church bus route!

Let's not forget the bus helpers!

They are special people one and all!

This too takes some dedication,

Once they've heeded the Master's call!


If you're the Sunday School Superintendent,

Or a trustee on the church board,

Work effectively with the pastor,

In the service of our Lord!

Each one of us can be a "prayer warrior",

Keep the church on our heart,

And vocally "back the pastor"

As the Scripture he imparts!


You may sing and play an instrument,

In the church band,

Or a special song you may sing,

Or maybe just clap your hands,

You might lead the congregation,

As they sing a well loved song,

Or you may just lift up your voice

And joyously sing along!


Friend, you may think nobody notices,

The good deeds you do.

But, be of good cheer!

God is always watching you!

For you see, not one of us

Is striving for fortune or fame.

We're just a group of average folks

Trying to lift up Jesus' name!


There are many ways of helping,

As the Christian life you live!

For if God has materially blessed you,

Then give, my Brother, give!

We must pray often for each other,

In a Spirit of Love!

So this old world will know,

We are children of God above!


Very soon we Christians may face,

Some serious stormy weather.

But, through Christ we can make it,

If we all " pull together!"






By Robert F. Dotson © 2014


 Beyond dark clouds the sun will shine!

Joy shall fill this heart of mine,

And hope will spring anew!

Oh, rejoice my soul the Lord has heard,

And according to His word,

This time of testing is through!

Ah, I've been in the valley low.

And my soul has been tempted so,

That I questioned was this God's will for me.

Yet by faith I was able to stand,

While holding to the Master's hand!

Now at the end of the tunnel a light I see!

Ah, I'm so glad God knows my fears!

He heals my hurts and dries my tears!

He knows when I need a shoulder to cry on!

And as I head toward yon mountain peak,

I feel so blessed that I'm unable to speak!

For unpleasant memories of the valley are gone!







 When the way gets rough,


And things are tough,


I cry, "Lord, I've had enough,"


"I want to leave this place."


 But, then He says, "Child, I know,"


"This valley you're in is low."


"But, here you will grow,"


"Through the power of My love and grace!"


 So I become very still,


As I bend to His will,


Waiting until,


Once more my heart sings!


 For I know down deep in my soul,


That Heaven is my goal,


And while eternal ages roll,


I shall adore the King of Kings!


 Oft times during the day,


In my mind I pray,


And reverently say,


"Lord, You're my true Friend!"


"For in the bright sunlight,"


"In the middle of the night,"


"Or in the heat of the fight,"


"On You I can depend!"


  Robert F. Dotson © 2014











I've noticed of late,


My steps are getting slow.


I've lost my natural gait,


My "get up and go."


My knees won't hardly bend,


And my back is getting weak.


Often I don't recognize a friend,


Until they start to speak.


My mind is not as keen,


As its always been.


Friend you'll know what I mean,


When you approach three score and ten.


I can't sleep at night.


So, I doze during the day.


It just doesn't seem right,


That I would feel this way.


Life has been an uphill climb.


But, soon my journey will be o'er!


For in just a matter of time,


I'll leave for Heaven's shore!


There my youth I shall regain,


In a body pure and whole!


There will be nor more pain!


Bless the Lord, oh my soul!


 Robert F. Dotson © 2014






Does the load of sin you carry,

Have you bowed down to the ground?

Is your mind full of questions,

Yet, the answers can't be found?

You won't find the peace you seek,

In a bottle or a bar.

Jesus can fill your empty vessel!

He will come to where you are!

Do you often feel discouraged,

And it seems that there's no end?

Do you often yearn,

For just one true and faithful friend?

You definitely want to change your life.

But, satan says you've gone too far.

If you can't get to Jesus friend,

He will come to where you are!

Jesus will come to where you are,

In the morning, noon, or night!

He'll pick up life's broken pieces,

And make everything just right!

Although sin is devastating,

And it leaves a lasting scar,

Jesus, the Great Physician,

Will come to where you are!



 Robert F. Dotson © 2014


























Lord, when I consider Your splendor,

With great awe I render,

My utmost heartfelt praise!

You are the Beginning and the End,

Lord of all, and Ancient of Days!

As up life’s hill I climb,

Many have been the times,

When you quickly came to my rescue!

Then, by my side You stayed,

Until a change was made!

No wonder I long to praise You!

Ah, it hurts me to say,

Old friend have walked away,

Leaving me sad and so alone.

However, You took me up,

And with joy filled my cup!

You weren’t ashamed to claim me as Your own!

Lord Jesus, if I fail to see,

Just how good You have been to me,

Please jog my memory I pray.

When I remember where You brought me from,

And how very far I’ve come,

I love You more than words can say!


Robert F. Dotson © 2014





A broken earthen vessel was I,

Cast along life's roadside to die.

There was no peace in my thirsty barren soul.

But, then the King of Glory came in,

And freed me from the debt of my sin!

Now, I'll be His while eternal ages roll!

I know the Master Potter that day,

Could have just tossed me away.

But, He handled me with tender love and care!

Jesus' precious presence I could feel,

As He gently placed me on the wheel,

And I became a vessel of honor there!

Now, I'm a child of the King!

So, praise to His name I shall bring,

As long as my time on earth shall be!

Then, in a Fairer and Better Land,

With the countless millions I shall stand,

In honor to the One Who died to set us free!

Robert F. Dotson © 2013




If tomorrow comes once more I'll rise,
'Neath sunny or even stormy skies,
And thank God for giving me another day!
It will be a day like no other,
With opportunities to help my Sister and Brother,
And sow some seeds of kindness along the way!
Each day I live is Heaven sent!
And this one will be wisely spent,
If I place everything in God's capable hands!
I cannot "do my own thing,"
And please my Lord and King.
His will must be my only plans.
If tomorrow comes I'll face that day,
In very much the same way,
I've faced so many others before.
For, as I step into the unknown,
I shall not be alone,
For I'll enter through Christ, the Open Door!

Robert F. Dotson © 2014









When I come to the end of life’s race,

Having crossed over the “finish line

The track record I must face,

Will be mine, and only mine.

I’ll give account for every idle word.

Even the intents of my heart shall be weighed.

I’ll answer for the truth I’ve heard,

And the decisions I have made.

Being the extension of God’s hands,

Did I help those who were in need,

Or did I have other plans,

To satisfy my greed?

Was I faithful to visit the sick,

And those who were in prison too,

Or was I always very quick,

To say “that’s the pastor’s job to do?”

Did I make a phone call or send a card,

When there was a vacancy on my pew?

Did I always give my all,

The way a Christian is supposed to do?

These questions I will be asked,

When I stand before God’s Son,

And He will “take me to task,”

For anything left undone.


Robert F. Dotson © 2014


Matthew 25:40